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In this page I have collected all the important things that I had to work with during my three years at SERG. In the beginning of this page I have tried my best to put research and development reports and publications that gives the overall picture of how I look at things but note that this list will be incomplete forever. I will be updating it as much as possible.

Research Articles

A Survey of Usage Control in Computer Security.

Trust management for widely distributed systems. PHD Report from University of Cambridge.

Active privilege management for distributed access control systems. PHD Report from Cambridge.

Flexible trust management and its application to EHRs. PHD Report from Cambridge univ.

Attribute-Based Encryption for Fine-Grained Access Control of Encrypted Data.

A Technical Architecture for Enforcing Usage Control Requirements in Service-Oriented Architectures.

Model Driven Configuration of Secure Operating Systems for Mobile Applications in Healthcare

Other PHD Technical Reports from University of Cambridge.

Other R&D Technical Reports from Nokia.

In progress ….

Tutorials and HowTos

Trusted Computing

A nice set of exercises with to the point theoretical coverage for programmers.

Related slides on Trusted Computing and Security Architecture.

Introduction and Analysis of the Open Source TCG Software Stack TrouSerS and Tools in its Environment.

Configuring and using TCG based tools and enhancements.

Handbook of applied cryptography.

Programing OpenSSL by Example, which contains effective source code but the theory is tough to follow.

Trusted Boot Loader for mobile devices.

The Open source PKI Book. Latest version can be downloaded here.

Securing Web service: PKI Basics.


A review of SELinux related tools.

The SELinux Notebook for Fedora but applicable to other distros to a great extent as well.

System Engineering, Integration and Automation

Dbus: The Inter-connection IPC Middleware.

Get on Dbus from Red Hat.

Dbus Overview with a MeeGo Example.

The SWIG tutorial.

The SWIG JNI tutorial.

Introduction to Puppet MDA.

Web services with Python.

Embedded and Mobile Development

An excellent primer tutorial set and lab material available from Free Electrons.

Customizing Linux kernel for/with Bitbake and OpenEmbedded.

Configuring OpenEmbedded for your Target Architecture.

Using the OpenMoko Toolchain.

Plugging OpenMoko Toolchain into Eclipse.

Building the Shared Hybrid Release (SHR) distribution for OpenMoko and Others.

Getting Started with SHR based Development.

Cloud Computing

Beginners Guide to UEC.

An introduction to Private Cloud Computing using UEC based Eucalyptus.

Installing and Configuring UEC’s Eucalyptus.

Amazon Web Services Security Overview.

A focused tutorial on Securing your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Environment.


XMLRPC Web Services with Python.

Python HTTP Web Services.

Python SOAP Web Services.

List of Web Services’ libraries for Python.


A set of tutorials from IBM Open source initiatives.

Tutorials from CSRDU.

An introductory training session on Xen based Virtualization.

In progress ….


Access Control Systems: Security, Identity Management and Trust Models.

Professional Linux Programming.

The Puppet Book.

In progress ….

Tools, Toolchains and Toolkits

General Development

GCC that comes with any decent distribution of Linux.

Gnu Make

Gnu Auto-tools


LinuXcrossReference and OpenGrok.

Oracle’s Virtual Box

DistCC: a fast, free distributed C/C++ compiler.

Embedded and Mobile Development


OpenMoko Toolchain.

Code Sourcery G++ Toolchain.

Software Stack Generator




Cross Tool, Cross Tool – NG.

The Universal Qemu Emulator.

Public Key Infrastructure

TinyCA, which is available to most of the latest Linux distros.

OpenCA and OpenXPKI


TPM emulator and TSS

Access Control and IPC

SELinux Userspace

DBus manifests


Audit sub-system


Kile and TexMaker

Cross-Over Linux

In progress ….

Standard Specifications

TCG, OMA, OHA, LiMo, etc. in progress please be patient.

Salient Conferences, Symposiums and Journals

Please get registered at Wiki Call for Papers.

International Venue

National Venue

Mailing Lists

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selinux (at)
linux-ima-user (at)
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