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Shahbaz Khan has been working on system engineering where most of the time he is involved in activities related to software integration, porting, configuration, maintenance and administration. He had achieved Microsoft Certified System Engineer certification (MCSE) in the year 2000 but since 2002 he has been consumed with open source tools and technologies. He completed his MS in Information Technology from Institute of Management Sciences in 2006 where he specialized in Computer Networks and Communication Systems. These days he hacks mobile platforms for security enhancements.

From the 2007 to 2010 his job responsibilities included analyzing theoretical and applied research on integration of sophisticated access control and cryptography in information systems at Security Engineering Research Group. Following are the research projects where he has been contributing.

He is a member of SERG and CSRDU as R&D Engineer and Consultant, while runs his own show @ TEC3S Systems as Lead R&D Engineer and Consultant.

Apart from these he has been working on other security projects including Micro-kernel and Type 1 Hypervisors. In the past he had also worked on Beowulf clusters, Opensource Security and Information Management,  kerberizing security solutions and porting software to MAC OS. These days he is working on device dependent layers of OS so that he can complete his exposure to software at all levels i.e. to have a full-stack mindset.

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