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Interesting Research Problem for Sensor Networks and Smart Spaces

August 13, 2011

Sensor technology in combination with pervasive computation and communication can significantly contribute to improvements in our way of living. Devising (decentralized) solutions for the construction and deployment of large-scale wireless (sensor) systems requires concentration on the application of geospatial social networking which id used for monitoring and managing crowds of people, with the aim of maintaining safety and comfort for the individuals. The central research question is how to devise a large-scale collaborative network of highly mobile, miniature, wireless devices collecting, disseminating, aggregating, and processing information to provide instant feedback to its users for the purpose of maintaining their safety and comfort.

The goal is to achieve significant progress in scaling up solutions for the deployment of wireless distributed sensor/actuator systems. These systems consist of a large collection of sensor/actuator devices that need to be shared by high-level applications. The intention is to close the gap between the networks and the applications. Some aspects of this gap are ease of installation, (self-)configuration and maintenance; ease of application development and deployment, hiding complexities of the network; and harnessing the behavior of a large network of relatively primitive nodes (constraining the emergent behavior).

This would require a cross disciplinary research effort in the following areas:

  • Technical research on wireless (sensor) networking
  • Research on geospatial social network data gathering and analysis
  • Research on human-systems interaction (including management of privacy aspects)
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